Autumn Flora
Autumn Flora - 5610
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Walk through a field and gather fall flowers. This basket of flowers contains Indian Blanket Firewheel, Mexican Hat, Sneezeweed, Water Speedwell, Foxglove, Blue Curls, and Viburnum Winterthur leaves and berries. The basket is woven in Nova over Lola running bullions and boasts a Nova cord made of five Nova strands. The Sneezeweed are constructed with a new technique of doing two-color double-cast-ons so that one color is in the lower half of the petal and the other color is in the upper half. The Sneezeweed are capped with padded satin and Frost colonial knots. The Blue Curls consists of triple stem with bullion petals, stamens of drizzles with a bead, and Glory double-drizzle leaves; they also have some buds with pearls about to bloom and snowballs as introduced by Rosalie Wakefield for newer buds. Foxgloves are presented in stalks of multiple colors: the inside of the tubes are satin stitch dotted with French knots; the tubes (or gloves) are cast-ons with detached buttonholes whipped together part way. The Indian Blanket Firewheels are bullions surrounded by lazy daisies and topped with fly stitches. The Water Speedwell features buttonhole-stitch petals with drizzle, two-color drizzles as introduced by Debbie Kelley, and drizzles with beads surrounded with a bit of Turkey work. The Mexican Hat has an interesting combination of texture with a padded Bouclé hat and Ciré short and long satin petals outlined in Glory. The Viburnum Winterthur leaves are adorned with fly stitches and have Nova colonial knots for berries.

Design Area: 8" x 8"
5610 Thread Kit
Price: $77.90

This thread kit contains full skeins of all the Edmar threads needed for the Autumn Flora - 5610 Kit:

Glory: 000, 003, 031, 041, 100, 114, 120, 138, 173, 203, 216, 219, 220;

Iris: 003, 031, 041, 053, 100, 115, 161, 163, 173, 200, 203, 210, 216, 219, 220, 413;

Frost: 129;

Cire: 101, 203;

Lola: 102, 129, 216, 220;

Boucle: 053, 321;

Nova 070, 102(2)