Wisteria Bonsai pic
Wisteria Bonsai
- 5640

Price: $13.00

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Learn my technique for doing double knotted cast-ons for the wisteria flowers. Stitch an intricate stalk-like green and brown moss constructed of five side drizzles and knotted cast-ons off of a single drizzle. Learn to do the raised stem stitch and several other stitches. Stitch a dragon that appears majestic fitting a bonsai pot.

Stitches are Buttonhole, cast-on, couch, detached buttonhole, double knotted cast-ons and drizzles, drizzle with side drizzles, hopper, lazy daisy, leaf satin, outline, raised stem stitch, running bullions, short and long short and long, stem, straight, triple stem

Design Area – 7" X 10" Fabric Size – 15” X 18”

Wisteria Bonsai - 5640 Edmar Thread Kit

Price: $28.80

This thread kit contains all the Edmar threads needed for the Wisteria Bonsai - 5640 Kit.
It contains full skeins of the following threads:
Glory: 045;
Frost: 124, 129;
Iris: 007 (4 skeins), 080, 129, 211;
Lola 129, 206;
Nova 206;
Boucle 025 (3 skeins)