Rosalie Wakefield

A Fan of Flowers
A Fan of Flowers - 960

This is a Brazilian Embroidery design. Stitches used: outline, satin, back, Rosalie's Picot Cast-On Rose, Cascade Blossoms, Twisty Ribbon. Available on white or cream fabric.
Edmar Floss Needed:
Iris 147, 161 (2 skeins);
Lola 008, 125 (2 skeins), 153, 327.
Special needs: #10 triangle beads or delica beads.

Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight-985

This is a Brazilian Embroidery design by Ruth Griffith. Stitches used: satin, outline, detached chain, bullion, pistil, French knot, cast-on, straight, couching, comma, double cast-on, detached buttonhole, stem.
Edmar Floss Needed:
Glory 119, 134;
Iris 000, 007, 008, 017, 040, 070, 116, 135, 141, 142, 143, 203, 317;
Lola 000, 006, 007, 017, 086, 134, 141, 143;
Cire 119.
This is available on white or cream fabric.


Price: $8.00
Amaranthine (pronounced: ama RAN theen): the name means undying, immortal, eternally beautiful. I thought this was an appropriate way to introduce some of the "Forever Flowers" from my new book. This floral bouquet has eight new flowers that will never fade and several different leaf treatments. Most stitches are familiar ones, but there are several new dimensional techniques that I have used in different ways to delight and entertain you "endlessly". Much of the design is stitched with Iris.
Design Area: 6" x 7" Fabric Size: 12" x 15"
Floss Needed:
Glory: 111, 125, 142, 216;
Iris: 53, 118, 121, 125, 128, 138, 143, 155, 159, 163, 218; Lola: 114, 125, 129, 140, 142, 152, 167
American Beauty Rose
American Beauty Rose-965

This is a Brazilian Embroidery design. Stitches used: straight, fly, bullion, running bullions, raised buttonhole, comma, LZ DZ, cast-on, running cast-on, outline, colonial knot.
Edmar Floss used:
Glory 051, 133, 207;
Iris 053, 111, 160, 167, 215, 216;
Frost 134;
Lola 125;
Cire 204, 218;
Nova 204.
This is available on white fabric.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket
A-Tisket, A-Tasket - 970

This is an intermediate/advanced Brazilian Embroidery design. A-Tisket, A-Tasket - flowers fill our wicker basket! We'll stitch lots of new flowers - the Blue Mountain Rose, Beauty Rose, painted mum, Night Romancing the Moon, red flowering currant, Appalachian violet, and our beloved "Loopy," and we'll explore the ways simple stitch re-arrangements can give flowers a completely new look. Stitches Included: Bead embroidery techniques, bullion, cast-on stitch, DK rose leaf, double cast-on stitch, fly stitch, French knot, lazy daisy, long and short stitch, loopy drizzle, outline stitch, raised buttonhole stitch, running cast-on stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, up-down cast-on stitch.
Design Area: 6" X 6" Fabric Size: 12" X 12" cream fabric.
Floss Needed:
Lola: 072, 098, 154, 171, 323;
Iris: 050, 051, 093, 111, 150, 154, 160, 215, 223 (skein), 402, 403;
Frost: 114;
Glory: 50, 214;
Copper Candlelight.

B E A Tree
B.E. A Tree - 997

Yes, we will Brazilian embroider a tree, but not just any tree. It’s a DOGwood tree. The beautiful BDEIG Flower of the Year, the dogwood, has each of its petals stitched with a new technique for a notched leaf and a connected drizzle center vein. You probably saw the lovely floral Heather-Scottie right away, but there’s also a Guard-en Dog, a Poodle Puff, and the new Pom-Pom Pomeranian hanging for dear life out of the reach of those cats. We’re also going to stitch King Arf-ur and Sir Barks-A-Lot (aka Barky), and you’ll receive traceable floral patterns for stitching each of these doggie flowers without the ears and eyes.

Several new stitch techniques are introduced in this class – the new pistil stitch, knotted double loop, bubble backstitch, and the tree is simply stitched with over-dyed Nova using stem and outline stitches, and this time the cats have treed the dogs, waiting in joyful anticipation to see which doggie they can capture first.

BE Flower Preserves
BE Flower Preserves-964

This is a Brazilian dimensional embroidery design. Stitches used: satin, straight, fly, feather, up-down cast=on, bullion, LZ DZ, long and short satin, French knot, outline, knotted loop.
Edmar Thread Needed:
Glory 141, 144;
Iris 000, 009, 040, 041, 072, 107, 111, 118, 123, 125, 131, 134, 136, 146, 147, 153, 155, 173, 225;
Boucle 080.
This is available on white fabric

Carnival Confetti
Carnival Confetti-968

This is a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery design. Stitches used: satin, straight, fly, outline, bullion, cast-on, French knot, up-down cast-on, blanket, running cast-on, reverse LZ DZ, "No-Bite" cast-on, chain. This is available on white fabric.
Edmar Thread Needed:
Glory 008, 120, 123, 136, 206, 304;
Iris 95, 97, 122, 139, 158, 170, 174, 212, 225;
Lola 008, 033, 127, 131, 140;
Cire 203.
Special Needs: Red 3/8" bead or button, sz 11 seed bead, Petite Seed Beads Mill Hill 42018, Palest teal blue sz 14 seed bead, sz 8 seed beads (red, yellow, blue, opaque), sz 11 mixed color bead soup, black sz 11 seed beads, black sz 11 triangle bead, brown sz 11 seed beads; black sz 14 seed beads. Beading thread and needle.

Chantilly Lace
Chantilly Lace-966

This is a Brzilian Dimensional Embroidery design. Stitches used: outline, satin, cast-on, back, LZ DZ, reverse LZ DZ, straight, French knot, fly, bullion, comma, detached buttonhole.
Edmar Thread Needed:
Glory 131, 206, 218;
Iris 049, 093, 131, 134, 172;
Cire 050, 218;
Lola 017, 131.
This is available on white fabric.

Cherish - 8003

This simply stitched design may be framed or made into a pillow suitable for a wedding or christening. Additional traceable letters are included if the stitcher wishes to change the date or add initials. Stem and outline stitch are used to create the bell, ribbon and letters. The edge of the bell is stitched with cast-on stitches, a tiny bead nestled within each. Buds are made with cast-on stitches and a loop of beads adds sparkle. The ribbon is stitched with Glory and edged with the reverse colonial knot (my preferred substitute for a French knot). The flowers at the top of the bell are made with a variation of my original stitch technique, the Canada’s Rose.

Country Road
Country Road-978

A day in the country brings a sense of peace and relaxation as the needle artist explores interesting flowers in the landscape. Stitches included are the double raised close herringbone, up-down cast-on stitches, a B.E. version of Erica Wilson’s raised cup stitch, the new butterfly knot, and the exciting new Ceylon border stitch. Confetti Spirea flowers are made with drizzles (Oh! Wait! -- What’s that kitty cat doing there? –besides smashing those little violets flat), and firecracker vines, rudbeckia, hollyhocks, the butterfly vine, double daisies, wild chicory, little roses and blue birdies complete the design. A different stitch is used for each leaf and the countryside elements (fence, rocks, road, and hills) are finished with simple basic embroidery stitches.
Edmar Threads Needed:
Cire: 115, 218;
Glory: 203, 214;
Iris: 025, 050, 051, 053, 108, 111, 114, 123, 124, 126, 127, 131, 136, 149, 161, 173, 217;
Lola: 026, 100, 125, 143, 403;
Nova: 100
Design Area: 6" Circle

Crystal Springs
Crystal Springs - 8004

This beautiful botanical garden features waterfalls and a spring-fed lake that provides habitat for the great blue heron as dragonflies flutter by. Stitch the lovely camellia and ridged blanket stitch ferns and learn the new "Lollipop Stitch" to make water hyacinths. The red alder tree’s catkins are stitched with an interesting new technique, and foliage is added with the original continuous drizzle. The lovely mountain laurel, Douglas fir tree, hosta and trillium are all encircled by the String of Pearls border made with bullions and the reverse colonial knot. Class will learn stitch basics on small doodle cloths, so floss in each weight shown will be helpful.
Edmar Threads Needed:
Bouclé: 080, 305; Ciré: 097, 160;
Frost: 079, 099, 216;
Glory: 029, 030, 069, 144, 145, 146, 147, 158, 170, 202, 212, 213, 215, 217, 311, 312;
Iris: 002, 030, 048, 088, 108, 124, 141, 150, 226, 304, 403, 410;
Lola: 017, 089, 143, 145, 146, 147, 210, 218, 231, 320
Design Area: 8" circular Fabric Size: 15" x 15"

Dreaming in Flowers
Dreaming in Flowers

Design: 6” x 7.5”- $12.00
As she daydreams and watches the progress of a ladybug family, this young girl finds her dreams filled with flowers: a plumeria in her hair, michelmas daisies, fizzy stick flowers, Rosalie Wakefield’s picot rose, scarlet paintbrush, twinkle bells, little rosey posey, fan lily, blue-eyed peas and bachelors buttons.
Floss Needed:
Frost (or Iris) 009, 027, 037, 097, 107, 111, 153, 154, 155;
Iris 029, 040, 053, 095, 121, 144, 217;
Glory 009, 040, 050, 052, 111, 123, 152, 153, 206, 214, 223, 402

Field of Flowers
Field of Flowers-993

You can stitch this design as a framed piece for a small wall, as a panel for a vest or art quilt, or as an album cover – the possibilities are unlimited. You can use the colors shown here (all colors are repeated at top and/or bottom or side to side), or you can select one color for a monochromatic color scheme. Flowers are stitched almost entirely with Iris, but some Lola, Ciré and Frost is also used. In addition to the Dutch tulip and the Delft rose, there are some intricate flowers, including my original gladdy with its bundled bullion framework, and two versions of the cast-on flower as you learn how to really "fluff-up" those cast-on stitches. In addition, we will introduce my latest brainstorm, the brand new pistil cast-on. Unusual stitch combinations will perk your own imagination and inspire you to try new things. We’ll also learn how to stitch ribbons quickly and easily, the lazy heart leaves, reverse colonial knot, cast-on twist, raised close herringbone, Brazilian couching and lots of other interesting techniques. In addition to birdies, butterflies, ladybugs, a cute (yes!) slug, and dragonfly, there are more than two dozen flowers, leaves and other assorted surprises – truly the "Where’s Waldo?" of Brazilian embroidery!
Design Area:5" x 10"
Edmar Threads Needed:
Cire: 024, 142;
Frost: 216;
Iris: 009, 043, 051, 099, 101, 113, 121, 123, 125, 127, 131, 134, 136, 138, 140, 144, 145, 146, 149, 153, 154, 155, 158, 159, 160, 170, 171, 224, 226, 402;
Lola: 052, 134, 138, 145, 147, 171, 218

How does our Garden Grow
How Does Our Garden Grow?

This is a basic Brazilian Embroidery design. Stitches Included: Bullions, blanket stitch, bullion bundles, stem stitch, French knots, knotted lazy daisy, pistil stitch, alternating satin stitch leaves satin stitch, double cast=ons, cast=ons, lazy daisises, couching, fly stitch, and padded staggered leaf stitch.
Design Area: 4" X 20" Fabric Size: 10" X 30".
Floss Needed:
Iris: 024, 026, 040, 051, 116, 119, 167, 203, 219, 308, 303;
Lola: 024, 026, 054, 082, 118, 203, 206, 323; Glory: 019, 047, 054, 105, 118, 119, 122, 138; Frost: 007, 122, 171;
Cire: 119, 140;
Boucle: 024.
Kreinik fine braid: 33

Life is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful

Design: 10” circular
This is a Brazilian Embroidery design. Depending on stitch placement, the same trio of stitches creates three entirely different focal flowers - the Stella d’Oro daylily, Pinwheel, and the Stop Anytime.
Floss Needed: Lola 026, 143, 203, 218;
Frost 107, 125;
Boucle 080;
Iris 083, 090, 150, 151, 161, 320;
Glory 009, 111, 120, 150, 402;
Cire 006, 050, 402

My Brazilian Fantasy
My Brazilian Fantasy

Price: $10.00
When we first discover Brazilian embroidery, we want to do it ALL - all the flowers, all the floss, all colors and all the stitches. "My Brazilian Fantasy" gives stitchers a chance to select their favorite colors (or use the ones I have listed) and spend leisurely time working with easy stitches on a design that can be used anywhere: appliqué on a tote or wearable item, framed, or mounted on a gift box or scrapbook.
Design Area: 4.5" x 4.5" Fabric Size: 10" x 10"
Floss Needed:
Iris: 52, 82, 135, 145;
Ciré: 172. (Or colors of your choice)

The Crepe Paper Roses on this design are new, so simple, and yet so lovely. You’ll make one crinkly paper rose with Frost and another with Lola, and you can use coordinating color shades or variegated floss. Oh! The places you’ll go, as you daydream up other projects for these delightful paper roses. There’s fun to be done, as Dr. Seuss would say, and we’re not done yet! Students will stitch their designs on sage green weavers cloth with lining fabric provided. "Reverie" is framed by the ever-popular Bouclé border stitch. Background leaves and swirls are stitched with Ciré and Iris, and a mated pair of swans, stitched with satin stitch and blanket stitch, finishes this small landscape embroidery.
Edmar Threads Needed:
Boucle: 024, 305;
Cire 303;
Frost: 154, 211;
Lola: 115, 154;
Iris 221;
Glory: 000, 125, 203, 206, 312, 410
Design Area: 6” circular

Ring Around Roses
Ring Around the Roses

Ring Around the Roses is an exciting intermediate B.E. design that will introduce students to some interesting stitch innovations. Encircling four small rose gardens are realistic rambling rose vines featuring delightful Afternoon Roses stitched with The Comma. You’ll learn some fine points of stitching with Ciré and other floss weights, as well as tips for adding sparkle with beads or metallic fibers. The little gardens are planted with rose-related flowers such as Rose Campion and its unusual leaf treatment. You’ll learn how to make the upstanding petals of the Moss Rose or Portulaca, and the Fuchsia "Rose Fantasia" will give you an interesting combination of stitches to try. In addition, the class will learn Gayl’s original Up-Down Viola Rose and how to make those beautiful dimensional petals. Each of the gardens is fenced in with the Palestrina border stitch, taught with Mary’s unique method. A different leaf is taught with each mini-garden, and all basic stitches with more advanced variations are included. Actual-size patterns are included in the class instructions, and students can use any of these flowers on wearable items. Stitches include the Palestrina knot, running cast on, up-down cast on, the comma, and some leaf treatments that may be new.
Edmar Threads Needed:
Lola: 114, 118, 119, 134, 218;
Iris: 008, 118, 121, 146; 305;
Glory: 016, 121, 128, 400;
Nova 059;
Cire: 004, 024, 099, 135, 159, 218
Design Area: 6/5" x 8.5"

Rose Garden
Rose Garden - 995

Nine entirely new dimensional roses are featured in this “Rose Garden” design. Featured flowers are the roses, Crescendo, Damask, Spider Rose, Marco Polo, Double Delight, Moondance, Tropicana, Heirloom, and Applause. Each rose is framed with accent flowers and finished with a double thread running stitch border as the Millefiori original Mossy Branches twine around all. This double-session class features variations in popular Millefiori stitch techniques such as the zigzag cast-on, two different versions of the piggyback cast-on, the new pistil stitch, the comma, RM couching, as well as the up-down cast-on, the wrap ‘n gather technique, reverse colonial knot (my preferred French knot substitute), raised close herringbone, padded herringbone-style stitch, my original woven buttonhole bullion and a lot of variations of dimensional stitches that you’ll enjoy using on your other embroidery. Each flower can be stitched as a separate motif for a wearable item or stitched on a crazy quilt.

Spring Heart
Patty McKern's Spring Heart

Designer-artist and one of our BDEIG Charter members, Patty McKern's design which includes her original "Patty's Two Step". With this absolutely unique technique, we will create her Woodland Orchid as well as Patty’s Three Petals of Lace flower. You’ll receive instructions for Patty’s frosty cones, hanging violets and lucky shoes. We will learn shaded floss color placement to help your embroidery look "painterly" and how to make those amazing little tendrils that wind themselves around Patty’s heart.
Edmar Threads needed:
Frost: 111, 152, 219;
Glory: 021, 111, 136, 149, 152, 212, 220;
Iris 050, 087, 099, 103, 113, 136, 143, 149, 203, 212, 218

Summer Floral
Summer Floral-963

This is a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery design. Stitches used: variations of LZ DZ, Reverse LZ DZ, side fly, One-step Leaf and stem, LZ Satin Dz, Brazilian or Two-step LZ DZ. This is available on cream fabric.
Edmar Thread Needed:
Glory 121, 131, 136, 158, 305;
Iris 031, 131, 134, 156, 170, 174, 218, 311, 327;
Cire 100;
Lola 171.

The Cascade Rose
The Cascade Rose - 971

This is an intermediate Brazilian Embroidery design. Dewdrop beads and the beaded Mille flower sparkle at the heart of this stunning flower; reminiscent of the beautiful wild rhododendrons that grow in the Coast and in the Cascade Mountain ranges from British Columbia to Monterey, California. The Cascade Rose is interpreted in Lola floss with a new cast-on technique, its leaves completed in fly stitch (yes, fly fishing for trout and salmon is a popular sport in the Northwest). The mist-covered foothills of these same mountains inspired our sparkling Oregon Mist flowers which are stitched with beads (but Glory 312 can be substituted). Oregon's Western Wood Anemone, native to West Coast forests, is stitched with side-by-side lazy daisy leaves and a twisted lazy daisy. Flower petals are made with long and short buttonhole stitches and finished with fly-stitch-and-bead stems. Salmonberries, related to thimbleberries, and raspberries grow from Alaska to California. Their bullion leaves and showy dark pink or magenta, double-daisy flower blossoms nestle around plump golden needle woven berries. A shower of lazy daisy leaves, sparkling silver curling sprays, and lots of beady mist complete the design. Stitches Included: Stem stitch, couching, bullions, fly stitch, lazy daisy leaves, new cast-on technique.
Design Area: 3 1/2 X 4 1/2: Fabric Size: 8" X 10"
Floss Needed:
Glory, 139, 312;
Iris: 034, 049, 050, 127, 161;
Frost: 114;
Lola: 218 (skein).

Waltz of the Flowers
Waltz of the Flowers - 8007

This delightful little Brazilian embroidery design is the size of a CD. It can be finished as an ornament, backed with a second CD, or it would make a lovely cover for design for an iPad, reader or jewelry box, all demonstrated in class. You’ll dance your way through some floral delights: the Interlude Rose, Three to Tango (a variation of the Bossa Nova), the Can-Can (a new technique with naughty ruffles), Vienna Rose (made with spiral lace), Staccato (a brand new drizzle), Fox (Trot) Grass, and the Hokey Pokey -- all versatile, lighter-floss-weight flowers that can be stitched anywhere.
Design Area: 5" circle Fabric Size: 12" x 12"
Floss Needed:
Glory: 134, 136, 145, 305;
Iris or Frost: 218, 220;
Iris: 026, 093;
Lola: 007, 100, 327

Whisper of Springtime
Whisper of Springtime - 996

As the seasons change, lilacs burst into bloom and butterflies visit a garden with gazebo. A flower-strewn path along the meandering stream includes loosestrife, red clover, ferns and little umbrella plants. Lilacs are stitched with the original lilac cluster technique from the Millefiori design, “Seasons of the Butterfly”. Other stitches used are the comma, the ridged blanket stitch, twisted chain, chain stitch filling, double outline stitch and herringbone-style leaves which self-pad with each pass of the needle through the fabric. You’ll also learn an intriguing way of adding a whole bank of flowers to a design with just one stitch. Dainty clover petals are stitched with Glory and the #15 milliners needle. This design was my contribution to the BDEIG Scholarship Quilt Project. If you like stitching with lighter-weight floss, such as Iris and Glory, this is the class for you!
The focal butterfly is a Susan Clarke Original button, and other tiny butterflies are delicate glass beads. Trying to persuade the butterflies to drop down for a closer look is a curious kitten – also made of glass.

Wildflower Wreath
Wildflower Wreath - 974

Softest pastels in pink, yellow, and blue frame the fragrant Rosa ballerina, a musk rose with clusters of single, five-petal flowers edged in a darker shade of pink, and nestled in surrounding blanket-stitched leaves. The heart of the rose is stitched with Rosalie’s original “snowball” technique and a drizzle variation for the stamens credited to Loretta Holzberger for a technique she developed. The wreath repeats four times around with a motif that can also be used elsewhere, either on wearables, crazy quilts, or hand-embroidered greeting cards. Flowers include the delicate shellflower in triple satin stitch and leaves that include a technique for adding a natural look to satin stitched leaves. Showy evening primroses with their unique star-crossed drizzle stamens are stitched in pale yellow, and delicate blue chicory, sometimes known as cornflower or endive, is stitched with bullions, straight stitches and a bright bead center. Stitches Included: Alternating satin stitch leaf, blanket stitch, Brazilian couching, bullions, Charisma knot, fly stitch, lazy satin daisy, long and short satin stitch, outline stitch, padded satin stitch, slanted satin stitch, snowball, star-crossed drizzle, stem stitch, straight stitch, up-down cast-on, and up-down drizzle.
Design Area: 6" X 6" Fabric Size: 12" X 12"
Floss Needed:
Glory: 024, 099, 131, 217;
Iris: 043, 098, 114, 120,149,151, 167, 213, 218 (1 skein), 219

Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes - 8005

Breeze through a B.E. design you can finish as a small art quilt or pillow -- wind chimes gently singing in the wind, each flower ready for stitching on any other design. Swaying to the music is a family of owls -- mom and dad ready to step out onto the dance floor (or in this case a tree branch), a young teenage owl listening to her own music on her smart phone, and a young swinging owl on a swing, just swinging. Butterflies and Glory Be! s dance in the sky, and a garden filled with flowers, weeds and grounded creatures -- can you find them? -- a mouse, ladybug, snail and kitten - just enjoy themselves. Wind chime flowers combine popular stitches – the chain stitch, detached buttonhole stem stitch, knotted loop, Little Archie, lollipop, lopsided lazy daisy, needle weaving (three different ideas), new cast-on pistil stitch, reverse colonial knot, reverse lazy daisy, satin stitch with Lola, side fly, star-fill and the comma.
Floss Needed:
Glory: 000, 031, 053, 099, 103, 111, 115, 125, 131, 138, 145, 147, 202, 203, 206, 213, 217, 220, 304;
Iris: 007, 009, 108, 115, 121, 131, 144, 157, 164, 212, 213;
Lola: 021, 098, 111, 115, 119, 131, 140, 169, 304, 315 (or 2 shaded or over-dyed browns), 404;
Ciré, 007, 135, 155; Bouclé: 163, 169
Design Area: 10" x 12" Fabric Size: 15" x 17"

Wishes and Dreams
Wishes and Dreams-969

This is a Brazilian dimensional embroidery design. Stitches used: bullion, outline, cast-on, chain, French knot, straight, satin, ridged blanket, comma, fly, stem, colonial knot, drizzle, braided lace, pistil, buttonhole, couching, LZ DZ, reverse LZ DZ. Available on cream fabric.
Edmar Thread Needed:
Glory 008, 029, 049, 100, 114, 115, 121, 122, 131, 206, 209 ;
Iris 040, 049, 050, 051, 053, 099, 114, 121, 122, 126, 136, 146, 157, 168, 170, 202, 209, 214, 215, 218, 304, 314, 404; Lola 017, 040, 041, 070, 100, 111, 116, 203, 402, 404;
Boucle 204.
Special Needs: pink, blue, silver-lined gold sz 8 seed beads; 2 6mm purple or mauve fire-polished beads; purple, blue, red silver-lined, white pearl, yellow, black, gold silver-lined sz 11 seed beads; 2 wite sz 6 beads.